Altezza brings the Montessori teaching philosophy into an intimate space where the developing young mind forges a strong imagination. In this nurturing and open environment, their unique personality evolves freely. Multiple universes are built, each one the reflection of a different stage. Any child can claim Altezza as their own to sit upon as royalty. Adults will gaze at them with nostalgic envy, remembering a time when they too could climb up the branches of a million different fantasies. Meanwhile, their children will grasp eagerly at what is only just the beginning of an adventure. For every climb the unconscious mind spins a new tale. Every step pushes them to realize the vastness of their own imaginations. This is more than a traditional bed; it is adaptable furniture that ages alongside the child; a bare canvas to be painted in the brightest and most unique shades of the mind. Together, the discoveries are endless.

The child discovers his own environment and also himself. Altezza combines a sleeping area and a play area. This imposing, airy and original bed evolves according to the needs of the family. When the day comes to move out the toys and clean up the remnants of old adventures, the now teenager will be able to upgrade his bed. Indeed, Altezza can accommodate up to three beds or be more functional with some storage and even an office area. Altezza appears as an evolving and functional bed that can be adapted to the needs of the child and the family.


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