Life cycle of our products

When we design our furniture, we study each element in it, as well as the methods of assembly and transport, in order to optimise its durability and minimise its impact on the environment to the most eco-friendly level possible.

From Eco Design to Eco Conception

Our strict approach to optimising the choice of products and production chains enables us to have a genuinely positive environmental impact: for example the Asymetry collection.


• Production methods redesigned

Optimization of resources and cuttings.

• Sustainable consumption habits

Asymetry is a sustainable collection that evolves in the time using kits and that meets current needs and future of the family. Its lifetime is longer thanks to its principle of scalability.


This collection incorporates new uses that evolve over time. The collection is part of the Montessori pedagogy and offers scalability, using kits, which allows products to be used longer. 


From the design phase, resources are optimized for manufacturing in order to minimize the environmental impact of the products. 

Quality raw materials

Our solid woods and our E1 MDFs are PEFC certified (wood from sustainably managed forests) and our paints are water-based.

Optimized manufacturing

The wood-cuttings are optimized in order to achieve the least possible waste, the parts are standardized in order to facilitate the principle of scalability. There are very few scraps and the little generated is used in particular to heat the workshops. 

Rationalized transportation 

The products are sent in the form of kits in order to transport as little volume as possible. Thus, the environmental impact of the products is reduced in order to be as ecological as possible. Our cardboard packaging is recycled and our pallets are made with our scrap wood.

A possible end of life

The end of life of the products is postponed to the maximum thanks to the scalability of the collection. The products can be sold second-hand because the woods are very resistant, durable and of high quality. Otherwise they can be used as firewood instead of throwing them away. In addition, the fact that the product consists of a single material, wood, facilitates its recycling.



Further information?

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