Life cycle of our products

When we design our furniture, we study each element in it, as well as the methods of assembly and transport, in order to optimise its durability and minimise its impact on the environment to the most eco-friendly level possible.

From Eco Design to Eco Conception

Our strict approach to optimising the choice of products and production chains enables us to have a genuinely positive environmental impact: for example the Fusion collection.


  • Integrated scale: use of fewer pieces
  • Feet in aluminium and assembly hardware in steel recessed into wood panels, wooden hinges: reduction in magnetic fields.
  • Assembly hardware fitted in the factory: easier for the end customer.
  • Complete age range: from infant to teenager.
  • Space saving due to rounded edges.


  • At least partly recycled products: aluminium and steel.
  • All our timber is PEFC certified (timber from sustainably managed forests).
  • The multiplex panels are made from cut sheets of wood: much less wastage than with sawn and planed wood.


  • Optimisation of cutting: wood and aluminium.
  • Off-cuts of wood panel used to make smaller items or for heating.
  • Water-based paints safer for health


  • Low volume to be transported
  • Manufacture in the centre of the main markets.


  • Furniture that is very easy to assemble and dismantle.
  • Furniture not harmful to health: water-based paint, very few magnetic fields and formaldehydes.
  • Always robust after being dismantled dozens of times.


  • 100% recyclable aluminium and steel.
  • Recyclable wood: at least for heating.


Further information?

Are you a journalist? A teacher, member of an association or an administrative authority? A customer? Please contact us for further information on our commitment to Eco Design and Eco Conception.