A cocoon area for the child

The Discovery bed is part of Montessori’s active pedagogy. The floor bed enables the child to learn by himself by letting him exploring his environment. Thanks to that, he will develop his motor skills. Thus, by getting out of bed easily, the child can come and go autonomously and discover the world around him.

An evolving bed

The Discovery bed evolves and accompanies the growth of the child. From simple floor bed to canopy to bunk beds, Discovery is an evolving bed that can be adapted to the needs of the family. Thereafter, it can be raised to a more conventional height and even accommodate a drawer bed. This original model allows the child to discover the world while creating his own. 


A freedom for interpretation 

The elements of the design suggest the movement but they are open to interpretation. It may as well be associated with a means of locomotion than the stall of the street vendor or an ice cream seller. All dreams are allowed… 

A well-designed collection

The Discovery bed offers a cocoon area where the child can snuggle and fall asleep safely. Thus, a shelf is designed in the front of the bed and can support a bedside lamp nearby for example. To store the teddy bears, a toy box is designed near the bed. Everything is suitable for the child in order to make his own area, his cocoon, his home.


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